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Dear guests,

my city tours can still be booked. For the culinary guided tours it is necessary that every guest is either fully vaccinated or recovered 

The minimum distance of 1.50 m must be maintained during the city tour, unless living in a household.

Covering the mouth and nose is recommended at certain points. I point this out during the city tour.

I use a tour guide system during my tours, which means that each guest is given a small device with headphones and I speak over a microphone so that everyone can hear everything even if the minimum distance is maintained.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!

Furthermore, I also offer the virtual city tours as an alternative. So you can discover the old town of Bremen quite comfortably from home on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can find more information below under "Virtual city tour (old town)".

I look forward to seeing you!

Discover and taste Bremen

During a city tour you will get to know the most beautiful and interesting sides of Bremen. I will show you the historical Bremen, the Hanseatic city, the everyday life of the citizens then and now. But also the city of sience and aerospace research. Modern city planning or culinary discoveries with Bremen specialities, on foot, in a coach or by bicycle. In any case, it will be entertaining for you. A city tour is always a special experience and rounds off your visit to the Hanseatic city. I offer you a varied programme of city tours in Bremen.

A trip to Bremen is worthwhile at any time of the year. For example, why not visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany with me and enjoy a bicycle tour through the north of Bremen in summer with its own charm. Stroll through the old Hanseatic city with its many anecdotes and then relax in the beer garden on the Weser promenade.

Stories from the city bring city history to life

Become a Bremen connoisseur. With a guided city tour you will rediscover Bremen, experience the stories behind the historical facades and discover exciting details that you would otherwise have missed. Special guided tours illuminate unique aspects of the city that you have never seen before. Let me surprise you. If you wish, I can put together your own city tour for your special area of interest. Just talk to me about it, I have many topics.

Guided tours for groups and single persons

My offers are aimed at both groups and individuals. A guided tour is also possible alone, in pairs or with only a few people. Please feel free to contact me.

Tour guide headphone system

For an optimal quality of my city tours I use a headphone system and speak to you via a microphone. So you can focus your attention on the sights and at the same time follow the tour better. In order to maintain the quality of the tour, the number of participants should not exceed 25. Otherwise we can book a colleague and divide the tour into groups (the tour guide system is only available for one group).

Note: The tour guide system is not used for guided tours for school classes.

I look forward to meeting you!

Vouchers for city tours in Bremen

You would like to give your loved ones a special treat for their birthday or any other occasion, but you are missing the right gift? You can also order vouchers for my city tours. I would be happy to advise you on the right offer.

Culinary tours
Theme tours
Culinary tours
Theme tours
Your tourist guide in Bremen
Jasmin Nitzschner

Moin (as we say in Bremen)! 

My name is Jasmin Nitzschner and I am a passionate tourist guide. 

Already while studying history, I focused on the history of Bremen. Later I was able to use the knowledge I had acquired to guide visitors through an interactive exhibition. This is when I first came up with the idea of working as a tourist guide and before long, the occasional weekend tour through Bremen turned into more: In spring 2014 I founded my own agency for guided city tours. Since then I visited a lot of trainings. As a native of Bremen I am able to present you my hometown in a professionell and lively way - with heart and humour.

In addition to the classic tours you can also book me for your event and I will bring Bremen closer to your guests in an alternative way. Please feel free to contact me!

Let yourself be inspired by the old Hanseatic city!

I look forward to seeing you!

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Experience Bremen history, culture and culinary specialities


Bremen looks back on more than 1200 years of history. It was first mentioned in a document in 782 when Charlemagne erected a bishop's seat here. During my guided tours, you will learn many interesting things about the city's history.


Bremen also has a lot of culture to offer. During my guided tours, you'll hear lots of exciting and entertaining information about traditional customs and festivals in Bremen and about everyday life here.

Culinary specialties

Taste the traditional Bremen cuisine and try specialities from the old Hanseatic city. Whether sweet or hearty - there is guaranteed to be something for every taste.